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Building Campaign Updates

As you know we have recently launched our building campaign. This will ensure we have adequate spacing for all our youth educational programs.


Special Thanks to the crew who always seems to come through. Our staff and host of volunteers were the real MVPs on this special night. Our Annual Building Campaign was a huge success because of the outpouring of support. 

Thank you so much!

Gifts/ Auction Donations

Thank you to our special auction donors, vendors and more importantly our sponsors and campaign donors. Without your support we would not have gotten that much closer to our goal. During the next several months you will receive updates on the progress of  our BUILDING CAMPAIGN!


A special Thank You to our sponsors. Like so many organizations, we appreciate those who understand how important our youth is. They are our FUTURE!, and it's vital they know how important education and being a hardworking, loving, humble and successful, so they can know how to serve their communities well. And with the support of  like minded individuals, we are confident in the reaching our goal. 

Thank you dearly,


What an amazing job well done, to the vendors who made this night a memorable one. Not only did they display professionalism, but they also understood how important our mission is to our communities. The food, Bar, Photographs, Event Planning was  ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!.

Thank you for your support!